Welcome Aussie Island Surf Shop!

When I moved to Wilmington back in 1993, Wrightsville Beach was a sleepy little surf town with only a couple of decent surf/skate shops to get boards and gear.  Aussie Island was one of the few places you could count on to always have the best equipment, be it a low-key local board builder or international super shaper.   Well, it’s been over 27 years since they first opened shop and they continue that tradition of quality and personal service that first attracted me to their shop.  We are very happy to have your support and look forward to many more as Aussie Island and Cape Fear Slalom Racers continue to grow!

Welcome Hawgs!

Once upon a time, there were only a couple of companies that made longboard wheels and skaters were forced to ride sub-par urethane. Hawgs was born because of this. Hawgs Wheels raised the bar and come in all shapes, sizes and duros for your preferred longboard application.

Mount some Hawgs and you’ll squeal with delight!

Welcome Subsonic Skateboards!


Subsonic  make custom boards…well, that’s a gross understatement.   With a Subsonic custom longboard you get the shape, stiffness, construction, stain color and graphic you want No other skateboard manufacturer works to this level of customization!  Have something in mind but can’t find what you want from the other guys?  Tell our talented board builders what you need and they will create it for you!  That’s customization!

Subsonic  has roots in NC and a history of racing at Hobby Park, so it was only natural that the Slalom Nationals team joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind Spirit 30 downhill / slalom deck that we are auctioning off to raise money for the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation whose general funds go to support needs of the community.  The winner’s donation may be designated for any area needing support, such as pediatrics, surgery,  cardiac, oncology, neurology or orthopedics.   Or the donation can go to a general fund and used where most needed.  Donations are tax deductible.

Welcome Skate Box Subscriptions!

Skaters are always needing random equipment.  Skate Box delivers to your door a nice package each month with a blend of necessary items such as wheels, bearings, hardware, etc. to the fun and whimsical shirts, hats, stickers and the latest publications to pass the time while you wait for the rain to stop so you can get back outside and shred.  Give it as a gift or gift it to yourself, because you’re worth it!

Welcome Original Skateboards!

What happens when two college bound friends pool their tuition money to start a skateboard company in their garage?  Original Skateboards happened.  That was 15 years ago and they are pumping out all kinds of decks for freestyle riding, downhill speed runs, carving and cruising your favorite pavement.  We think Hobby Park’s famed “Elevator Shaft” GS hill  and Original will be a great match!

Welcome Fullbag Skateboards

Miguel “Mig” Marco and Louis Ricard have teamed up and are pumping out the Canadian Maple!  Fullbag makes killer slalom decks, downhill sleds and the most beautiful snowboards I’ve ever seen!  My wife isn’t a fan of the logo, but it’s just an upside down heart, right?  We heart Fullbag!

Welcome Foothills Brewing Co.

Foothills Brewing was established in Winston-Salem in 2004.  They are best known for their Hoppyum IPA, but also do loads of limited and seasonal releases such as Dead and Berried and Sexual Chocolate.  How can you go wrong?  Plus, their brewing facility and tasting room is literally around the block from Hobby Park!  And they have a kick ass downtown pub.

Important dates – revised

Nobody’s perfect and there was bound to be a mistake somewhere on this site, so I am relieved that it was this simple error.
It was brought to my attention the dates for the hotel block were a day off. It should read, Thursday the 19th through Sunday the 22nd. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you to the left coaster for the heads up.