Welcome Subsonic Skateboards!


Subsonic  make custom boards…well, that’s a gross understatement.   With a Subsonic custom longboard you get the shape, stiffness, construction, stain color and graphic you want No other skateboard manufacturer works to this level of customization!  Have something in mind but can’t find what you want from the other guys?  Tell our talented board builders what you need and they will create it for you!  That’s customization!

Subsonic  has roots in NC and a history of racing at Hobby Park, so it was only natural that the Slalom Nationals team joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind Spirit 30 downhill / slalom deck that we are auctioning off to raise money for the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation whose general funds go to support needs of the community.  The winner’s donation may be designated for any area needing support, such as pediatrics, surgery,  cardiac, oncology, neurology or orthopedics.   Or the donation can go to a general fund and used where most needed.  Donations are tax deductible.

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